Mediterranean cuisine at Levinsky Market

When Ofir and Avivit were dreaming of their own restaurant, they envisioned the kind of place they themselves would like to go out to and have fun, a place with good food, casual atmosphere, and lots of and lots of happy music. The vision was always a Mediterranean restaurant, with culinary precision and excellence but still relaxed and informal.
Their inspiration came from the regions of Spanish tapas bars and Greek "Ouzerias"… a visit to several Athenian "Ouzerias" gave Chef Avivit Priel Avichai (formally of "tapeo") and her partner Ofir Lami the inspiration to open "Ouzeria", a modern restaurant serving original joyful food inspired by all Mediterranean cuisine.
A visit to the "Ouzeria" is a fascinating journey along food and music, the very best ingredients and uncompromising staff led by Chef Avivit Priel Avichai.

The restaurant was designed with elegant simplicity. A few tables next to large windows, overlooking the colorful Levinski market in the south of Tel Aviv's hippest neighborhood, and a wide bar sitting 12 where you can enjoy a wide variety of spirits with a clear emphasis on different forms of anis, happy cocktails and other surprises.

The music compiled ranges between east and west, old and new and mixes Mediterranean folk music with original contemporary artists. The atmosphere (vibe) is warm, inviting and embracing. Avivit invite you to a memorable culinary experience and journey. Come and wash the day away with a glass of ouzo and joyous food.


Ouzeria\ 44 Matalon st. Tel Aviv \ 03-5330899


Ouzeria next door \ 25 Zvulun st. Tel Aviv \ 050-9747714

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